Other Mobile FCE Equipment

WorkAbility equipment is completely mobile for functional capacity testing at multiple locations! Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT, CPE has pioneered WorkAbility assessment methods, equipment and reporting software for reliability, face validity, versatility, complete portability and affordability. Rick has several inventions to his credit - including the patented Total-Body Dexterity Tester, Ergo-Totes Set, WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test, Adjustable Pull Strap Attachment (for Lafayette Manual Muscle Tester) and PAT Agility Mat.

WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test

The WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test was invented by Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT, CPE to evaluate a subject’s ability to grossly manipulate and move small objects at various distances as fast as possible. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational evaluation, functional capacity evaluation and pre-employment screening are five common applications for the WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test.

Two-Handled Ergo Tote

The Ergo-totes set is durable and highly mobile to support assessment of worker lift/carry capacities and work conditioning activities at clinics or work-sites where space is limited. The Ergo-Totes Set combines features of durability, portability, and space-efficiency to allow physical capacity assessments and conditioning of key work abilities.