Comprehensive FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)

This is a completely mobile comprehensive evaluation of physical disability to substantiate work restrictions that impact job search, disability benefits eligibility, vocational rehab plan recommendations or claims settlement of workers with limiting health conditions. Standardized components include:

  • Review of past job performance barriers, medical history, records and lifestyle issues.
  • Neuromusculoskeletal exam for underlying physical impairments that may limit function.
  • Physical capacity tests (vision, strength, agility, finger dexterity, keyboarding speed, manual dexterity, aerobic capacity, posture tolerances and materials handling)
  • WorkAbility Summary with clarification of exam validity (consistency of effort), limiting health conditions, suitability for any specific occupational goals, and exercise/accommodation options.

A review of FCE findings by WorkAbility Physician may be added to clarify diagnoses, identify medical management needs, determine impairment rating based on AMA Guideline or to certify work release.

Comprehensive FCE Plus Vocational Screen

The scope of our completely mobile WorkAbility Comprehensive FCE may be expanded to include vocational screening and records review to addresstransferable skills, employment barriers, suitable occupations/training options, and accommodation needs. The following additional components help to identify strengths, limitations or follow-up services to support job development or retraining:

  • Screen of cognition, interests, and academic achievement (reading, math, spelling).
  • Multidisciplinary discussion between the examining physical or occupational therapist, physician reviewer, vocational expert and job placement specialist to establish realistic vocational goals and plan recommendations.
  • Consultation/feedback between vocational expert and consumer and/or referring counselor to discuss evaluation findings, vocational projections, and follow-up plan recommendations.

This state-wide service is an excellent entry point for consumers who identify multiple functional limitations and barriers to work – with unclear vocational goals. Our completely mobile, one-stop exam process minimizes transportation barriers, time delays, and contradictions among disciplines that delay or confuse eligibility determination or implementation of cost-effective plan services.  

Limited FCE

This completely mobile, limited functional capacity evaluation is done following a recent Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation (CVE), Ergonomic Accommodation Study (EAS) or Functional Job Analysis (FJA). Its primary purpose is to clarify physical work restrictions.

Expert Testimony

Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT, CPE, CME may be consulted on litigation cases that require expert testimony on matters that related to extent of physical disability, ergonomic job demands, and job accommodation. He also provides proactive consultation with employers to develop ergonomic, transitional work and wellness programs to promote safety and integrated disability management.