Fitness-for-duty Innovation Technology

WorkerFIT is a Fitness-for-duty Innovation Technology platform that supports HR programs for hiring, safety, and integrated disability management. It improves how employers analyze job demands, how providers address worker fitness-for-duty, and how job modifications are implemented to promote worker safety and productivity.

Key Features

  • Survey managers and workers about job function demands, work performance barriers and solutions
  • Analyze jobs or workers to validate skills, physical abilities, cognitive abilities, or safety equipment use
  • Reference images, documents or links for groups, jobs, functions, modifications, providers, or exams
  • Share job, function, modification, provider or work fitness exam reports through a secure web portal
  • Track injuries, disability, and job modifications
  • Establish job-specific fitness exams and referral instructions to promote consistent administration
  • Qualify worker skills, physical abilities, or cognitive abilities to assess readiness for jobs or functions
  • Search for workers, jobs, functions, modifications, and providers by rating, group, location, etc.
  • Request Examiner Report of WorkerFIT to assess worker fitness-for-duty and functional progress
  • Create modified duty assignments to promote RTW
  • Manage individual worker job modification plans
  • Standardize job modifications to rate effectiveness


  • Job Function Survey This is an ergonomic survey for supervisors or workers to rate and describe the demands for a job assignment using a mobile device.
  • Worker AbilityFIT Survey This is an ergonomic survey for workers to identify job demand concerns, explain performance difficulties, and suggest solutions.
  • Job Qualifications Profile This is a report for recruiters that summarizes the AbilityFIT and SkillFIT qualifications for the overall job. It may include comments to illustrate job relevance
  • Examiner Summary of WorkerFIT This is report for health examiners to review AbilityFIT demands for the job and recommend worker restrictions to facilitate modified duty
  • Job Description This is a narrative report for job applicants to review and acknowledge expectations such as job functions, skills, physical demands, and working conditions
  • Ergonomic Function Analysis This is a report for safety professionals that provides a detailed ergonomic analysis of job function demands related to work schedule, cognitive aptitudes, lift/carry abilities, posture tolerances, and safety equipment.
  • Modification Description (Review of modification solution)
  • Ergonomic Job Function Overview This is a report for safety and HR professionals to compare the demands of individual job functions
  • Provider Description (Review of provider services and insurances)


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Employment Applications

WorkerFIT promotes worker safety, occupational health and productivity from hire to retire. Establishing an objective baseline of functional job demands and worker fitness is the key for successful prevention, wellness, or early intervention to reduce the cost of injury or illness claims.


WorkerFIT expedites the creation, review and maintenance of functional job analyses that communicates the essential functions, qualifications, work schedule, physical demands, and environmental conditions to recruiters and job applicants. The functional job analysis module enables documentation of critical demands for the job or specific work assignments. This supports an employer’s decisions in response to requests for accommodation by job applicants and justifies the need for job-fitness exam standards.

The worker fitness exam module enables design and consistent administration of worker fitness exams through a secure, electronic reporting portal with examiners in multiple sites. A best practice for worker fitness exams is to include a screen of musculoskeletal fitness to guard against inappropriate work injury claims and motivate physical fitness participation.

Safety Programs

The functional job analysis module establishes the level of risk associated for the overall job and specific work assignments. The search module is useful to identify high risk functions and track the implementation status of safety controls to reduce work injury risks.

When an incident is reported, the job function should be reviewed with the injured worker and supervisor to assess whether safety controls are adequate, and validate job/task demands. WorkerFIT contains a claims module with the ability to attach relevant test and image documents at the function, job, work group, or employer to support OSHA compliance.

Integrated Disability Management

The WorkerFIT search function may be used to identify suitable job functions based on the worker’s restrictions. The functional analysis module may be used to create progressive transitional work assignments to expedite return to full duty. The WorkerFIT Claims and Restrictions modules enable tracking of lost productivity from work-related or non-occupational injuries and illnesses. The Accommodation module enables the creation and search for available accommodations for the job or demand factors that limit performance.


Competing in today’s healthcare market has become a huge challenge for healthcare professionals. Insurance reimbursement is now in a free fall and imposes overwhelming administrative burden. Increasing cash-based revenue as well as developing preferred provider relationships with business are key survival strategies to compete in today’s market. WorkerFIT platform offers an integrated and cost-effective system to make your occupational health services indispensable to employers.


Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Nurses, and other occupational health professionals are looking for cash-based revenues by partnering with employers create safe and healthy environments for workers that promote wellness, productivity, lower health costs.


WorkerFIT is an innovative web-based technology platform that private practitioners utilize to generate cash based revenue and corporate relationships. The WorkerFIT platform is used in conjunction with our ExamFIT platform to enhance reporting for a wide range of occupational health job analysis and worker fitness exam protocols.


Providing your corporate clients with WorkerFIT services makes your practice the “trusted expert” for worker health promotion, early intervention, and workplace interventions to address barriers to safe job performance. This positions your practice as the provider of choice for clinical care, worker fitness screenings and health promotion programs.


As importantly, you become an indispensable company partner, securing your opportunity to supply future services.

  • Low upfront cost
  • Educational opportunities to improve your occupational health expertise
  • All services are cash-based