Ergonomic Consultation Services

The critical inquiry under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is whether covered entities engaged in an interactive process that supports reasonable accommodation of qualified applicants and employees with disabilities. An accurate analysis of functional job demands is essential for ADA compliance, validation of fitness-for-duty exams and management of work injury claims.

Office Ergonomic Evaluation

This is an evaluation of musculoskeletal health and reported symptoms during use of office equipment to improve worker comfort and productivity. This mobile application uses the ExamFIT Platform for reporting to justify the need for office equipment modifications, workstation exercises or suitable physical activity to reduce musculoskeletal risk factors and alleviate symptoms. A WorkAbility Movement Screen may be included in this scope of services.

WorkerFIT Job Analysis

This is an interactive functional analysis of job functions with worker involvement to identify the physical demands of the job, using the WorkerFIT web-based reporting platform. Issues that may prompt referral for this service include:

  • Design of safe and productive work methods or controls to lower injury rates.
  • Validate fitness-for-duty exam protocols for job-applicants or workers with health limitations.
  • Identify safe work tasks & accommodation options to promote return to productive work.

Standard components of a WorkerFIT Job Analysis include Job Title, Summary, Review Process, Occupational References, SkillFIT Factors, PhysicalFIT Factors (Available Schedule, Disability Alternatives, Materials Handling, Physical Aptitudes, Posture tolerances, Safety Equipment), Related Groups, Exams, Modifications, Attachments (images).

WorkAbility Job Analysis data is managed in the WorkAbility eJobMatch System to support global access for worker-job match and job safety analysis. This innovative software solution…

  • Matches worker capabilities to job demands in a web-based HIPPA-compliant platform.
  • Links employers, insurers and providers for more effective injury prevention and medical management.
  • Supports hiring decisions, ADA Accommodations, transitional work programs, job-specific rehab planning, and design of safety and risk management strategies.

ERGO Accommodation Study (EAS)

This is an interactive, ergonomic analysis of how an applicant or worker’s restrictions impact safe job performance, with assessment of feasibility of temporary or permanent job accommodations. This includes a WorkerFIT Functional Job Analysis. Issues that may prompt referral include:

  • Support documentation is requested to help render a final hiring or job placement decision
  • Identify accommodations options to address job safety or productivity barriers.
  • Evaluate readiness of a disabled worker to return to full or temporary, modified duty.