Fitness-for-duty Innovation Technology

ExamFIT is a HIPAA compliant web platform for occupational health professionals that enables the collection, analysis, and communication of results from standardized exam reports that range in complexity from a brief WorkAbility Movement Screen to a Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Key Features

  • Capture data efficiently on mobile devices (e.g. tablet, iPad, Kindle, laptop)
  • Navigate to standardized test instructions during exam administration
  • Upload pictures to illustrate test performance or other circumstances
  • Add logo and clinic information to promote provider branding on reports
  • Restrict examiner permissions to assigned provider clinics or projects
  • Send exam reports to authorized reviewers for commenting or co-signature
  • Allow subjects (fitness clients or patients) to access to their reports online
  • Export de-identified project exam data for group reporting or research purposes


  • Active Movement Scale
  • Visit Note
  • WorkAbility Movement Screen
  • WorkAbility Fitness Screen – Standard
  • WorkAbility Fitness Screen – Heavy Duty
  • WorkAbility Progress Update
  • Home Mobility Evaluation
  • Office Ergonomic Assessment
  • Disability Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
  • Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

How We Do It

We designed fitness exams with objective measures in ExamFIT to promote accountability and appropriate follow-up. Ideally, all new hires should undergo an initial fitness screen with objective measures of musculoskeletal health and job-relevant fitness-for-duty tests. This insures that new workers are physically qualified to perform expected job duties and provides a baseline to motivate participation in voluntary physical fitness interventions or self-management of limiting health conditions.

ExamFIT innovates how providers deliver fitness-for-duty exams from hire to retire! This reduces future risk for injury, restricted duty, disability, and litigation. The WorkAbility Movement Screen protocol in ExamFIT is less costly than the usual approach to biometric screens in workplace wellness programs, and more relevant to assess musculoskeletal risks and recommend appropriate physical activity.