Ergo Totes Set

Ergo Totes Set

The Ergo-Totes Set is a set of durable, fiberglass totes that enables mobile testing of lift-carry abilities and work conditioning at multiple work-sites or clinic locations.

Each set includes: One-Handled Ergo-Tote, Two-Handled Ergo-Tote, Ergo-Tote Lids (2), and Protect-Sheet to guard to work surface. These fiberglass totes are stackable for storage and transport. The two-handled or one-handled Ergo-Tote is loaded with flat, stackable weights that are supplied in the Grip Weight Set (nine 5#, one 3#, one 1#).

Innovation at Work

An increasing demand for therapy services at work-sites created a need for highly mobile equipment. This occupational health consulting niche was driven by the realization that workers could be safely transitioned back to productive duty in less time at their work-sites, where the therapist could also provide coaching in the use of safe work methods or equipment to address worker performance barriers.

The Ergo-Totes Set was designed by Dr. Rick Wickstrom (Physical Therapist and Ergonomist) for use with the WorkAbility Systems method of Functional Capacity Evaluation and Worker Fitness Screening. This equipment enables assessment or training of bilateral or unilateral carrying or lifting from floor to overhead level.

Standard Pricing:

  • $145 for 2-Handled Ergo Tote, Lid, and Protect Sheet
  • $395 for 1-Handled Ergo Tote and Lid
  • $135 for each Grip Weight Set