Finger Goniometer

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A hyper-extension finger goniometer that can be held and operated with one hand. Measures extension / hyperextension and flexion of the digits from the dorsal surface of the hand for increased accuracy. Protractor measures 0-110° in 2° increments. A 10cm scale (millimeter increments) on the grip allows easy measurement of fingertip-to-palm distance. Prominent and easy-to-read grading. Latex free.

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WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test

The WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test was invented by Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT, CPE to evaluate a subject’s ability to grossly manipulate and move small objects at various distances as fast as possible. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational evaluation, functional capacity evaluation and pre-employment screening are five common applications for the WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test.

Two-Handled Ergo Tote

The Ergo-totes set is durable and highly mobile to support assessment of worker lift/carry capacities and work conditioning activities at clinics or work-sites where space is limited. The Ergo-Totes Set combines features of durability, portability, and space-efficiency to allow physical capacity assessments and conditioning of key work abilities.