PhysicalFIT Screen Basic Certificate Workshop

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PhysicalFIT Screen Basic Certificate Workshop

Fitness initiatives to promote physical activity and prevent musculoskeletal injuries of workers are creating new service opportunities for health and fitness professionals. The costs for treatment and disability are estimated to be $874 billion for chronic musculoskeletal disorders in the US. Unfortunately, the usual screening process for job seekers and wellness participants fails to provide objective measures of musculoskeletal health or physical functioning. As a result, workers aren’t guided to physical activities that are most suitable for them.

The WorkAbility PhysicalFIT Screen is a brief, non-diagnostic screen of musculoskeletal health and physical fitness. It includes functional performance tests of active movement, agility, and lift strength that are scored based on observations of the client’s performance during functional tasks. The results from these tests are used to assess the client’s readiness to perform physical work demands that are commonly encountered during employment and daily living. This facilitates transitions to suitable therapy or individualized fitness programs.

This seminar includes a balance of lecture and hands-on lab sessions to learn how to administer a PhysicalFIT Screen from start to finish. Attendees must demonstrate competency by observing a series of videos of worker models who are performing the functional performance tests. Attendees will also learn how to create individualized reports for the WorkAbility Movement Screen and a PhysicalFIT Screen that identify follow-up recommendations to promote suitable physical activity and reduce risks for musculoskeletal disorders and related disability. Attendees should bring a stop watch and wear non-restrictive clothing and gym shoes.

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