ExamFIT and WorkerFIT are web software platforms integrate with the WorkAbility Systems method of ergonomic job analyses and fitness-for-duty assessments. WorkerFIT, LLC is the exclusive distributor for these platforms.


ExamFIT is a HIPAA compliant web platform for occupational health professionals that enables the collection, analysis, and communication of results from standardized exam reports that range in complexity from a brief WorkAbility Movement Screen to a Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Key Features of ExamFIT:

  • Capture data efficiently on mobile devices (e.g. tablet, iPad, Kindle, laptop).
  • Navigate to standardized test instructions during exam administration.
  • Omit tests that are not administered from exam protocol and reporting.
  • Upload pictures to illustrate test performance or other circumstances.
  • Add logo and clinic information to promote provider branding on reports.
  • Restrict examiner permissions to assigned provider clinics or projects.
  • Send exam reports to authorized reviewers for commenting or co-signature.
  • Allow subjects (fitness clients or patients) to access to their reports online.
  • Export de-identified project exam data for group reporting or research purposes.


WorkerFIT is a web platform for employers and occupational health consultants. This integrates Functional Job Analyses, Worker Fitness Exams, and Job Modifications to reduce productivity loss from work-related and personal injuries or illnesses.

Key Features of WorkerFIT:

  • Customized job match factors/scales to meet employer preferences.
  • Efficient data capture for analysis of job and function demands.
  • Standardized color-coded scales to communicate the level of risk.
  • Reports custom-tailored for Job Description, Job Fitness Summary, Function Profile, Functional Job Analysis, and Examiner Summary of WorkerFIT.
  • Search by validated skill and physical qualifications to support hiring, safety monitoring, transitional work, and review of job modification options.
  • Create job-specific exams that link to work fitness tests and provider instructions to support hiring, wellness, injury management, and vocational rehab programs. This improves job-specific exams and provider performance to reduce needless disability!
  • Standardize and reference accommodations to jobs and demand type to address job performance barriers.

According to WorkerFIT’s CEO, Frank Gargano, “This will be a game changer for human resource professionals, career coaches, and vocational rehab professionals. For human resource professionals, the worker search module eliminates wasted time and costs to screen job applicants that are not qualified for a job. For vocational rehab professionals, the job search module guides job seekers to their best matched employment options and priorities for skill development to be competitive for hire.”



Our service offering includes WorkAbility Movement Screens, WorkerFIT Physical Screens, WorkAbility Fitness Screens, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Office Ergonomic Evaluations, and WorkerFIT Functional Job Analyses. To learn more click here.



Our training and certification develops examiner skills in functional job analysis, worker fitness screening, and Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) in the WorkAbility Systems method. To learn more click here.



WorkAbility Systems offers a versatile set of mobile equipment to enable delivery of worker fitness assessments and functional capacity evaluations at multiple clinics or work-site locations. To learn more click here.