PhysicalFIT Screen

PhysicalFIT Screen

Establishing the physical qualifications of job seekers promotes job match for suitable employment and alerts job seekers to correctable fitness issues such as blood pressure or vision loss that may limit performance or delay medical clearance required for some jobs.

The PhysicalFIT Screen is a brief screen of musculoskeletal health and fitness that assists with matching job seekers with physically-realistic employment options. Participants with fitness concerns receive recommendations for suitable physical activity or follow-up to improve work readiness. Job seekers receive a certificate of fitness for physical work after completing a brief survey of physical activity readiness and following objective measures:

  1. Vital signs – Blood pressure and pulse checked to see whether high blood pressure needs to be medically managed before applying to some jobs or increasing activity.
  2. Near Vision Acuity – This ability is important for quality and productivity on tasks that require close inspection for defects or small print. It is often easily corrected.
  3. Far Vision Acuity – This ability is important for quality and safety on tasks such as operating moving vehicles or monitoring people. It is often easily corrected.
  1. Active Movement Screen – This is series of 25 flexibility and balance movements that are rated to provide an objective baseline of musculoskeletal health.
  2. Two Square Agility Test – This is a timed test of functional mobility that consists of stepping back and forth to assess dynamic balance and fall risk.
  3. Lift Strength Tests – These dynamic lift tasks use a gradual load progression to rate materials handling strength (e.g., light, medium, heavy) for match with suitable jobs.

Results of this screen validate PhysicalFIT qualifications of job seekers who opt in to be searched using the Worker Search module of the WorkerFIT platform. This module allows human resource recruiters to find best-matched job seekers for posted jobs. Worker Search eliminates wasted time, concerns about injury risks, and other costs to find workers who meet entry level physical qualifications.

The WorkerFIT platform also has a useful Job Search feature that allows career coaches, rehab counselors or job developers to identify best-matched job options based on the job seeker’s validated PhysicalFIT and SkillFIT qualifications. This reduces wasted time and frustration by job seekers to apply for unrealistic job postings. Job Search reporting helps justify training, job modification or other interventions for facilitate successful employment.