Ergo-Kit MMT System

Product Review: Ergo-Kit MMT System

Until recently, objective measurements of job demands and worker strength were made using multiple devices that were too expensive or cumbersome for field applications.

Innovation at Work

In a collaborative effort with Lafayette Instrument Company, Rick Wickstrom (a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Professional Ergonomist, and Transitional Work Developer) developed an adjustable strap attachment and applications manual for use with the Lafayette MMT System. This attachment permits occupational health and ergonomic professionals to measure a wide variety of force demands during job analysis without having to carry around more cumbersome equipment such as a push-pull gauge and floor scale.

The resulting Ergo-Kit MMT System overcomes design problems that limit the use of other hand-held manual muscle testing devices in fitness and therapy applications:

  • Inadequate stabilization to ensure the best reliability during strength measurements.
  • Increased injury risk or undue fatigue to weaker (female) examiners during strength testing of stronger (male) subjects.
  • Increased injury risk to subject’s using the “break” method whereby the examiner applies force to “break” an isometric contraction, because the subject may not have adequate time to react before reaching unacceptable discomfort.

Medical Management Solutions

Objective measurements of the force requirements at work and strength of workers helps address medical management questions such as:

  • What is the baseline strength of applicants entering jobs that have risks for work-related musculoskeletal disorders?
  • Is the worker making appropriate treatment progress?
  • Does the injured worker have any strength deficits after reaching a point of maximum medical recovery?
  • Is the worker providing a consistent and maximum effort?
  • Does the job need be modified to eliminate ergonomic hazards or accommodate a person with a disability?

A preferred vendor discount on this product has been negotiated for Workability Network providers and affiliates on all orders placed with Lafayette Instrument Company and

Features and Benefits of the Ergo-Kit MMT System

System Features Key Benefits

1. Uses load cell technology (+/1% accuracy over full scale) with built-in calibration routine and microprocessor control to measure peak force in lb. or kg.

  • High inter-instrument reliability for measurement of forces (English or Metric)
  • Device may be used to check calibration and accuracy of more primitive devices such as hydraulic hand dynamometers.
2. Measures Time to reach peak force and total test time.
  • Time to reach peak force is a useful parameter to evaluate consistency of strength effort between and within subjects.
3. All components fit in as small, very light protective case
  • Completely portable for field applications related to fitness, job analysis, and therapy.
4. Battery-powered with low battery indicator and sleep saver mode.
  • Device does not have to be plugged into an external power supply or outlet.
5. Audible tone indicates start and end of selectable test time ranging from 1-10 seconds.
  • Audible signal ensures that duration time specified by protocol is controlled during strength tests or job force measurements.
6. Adjustable strap for improved stabilization during strength tests (see Strength Test Illustrations)
  • Allows administration of safer and more repeatable isometric test methods for less injury risk to subjects or weaker examiners
7. Supplied with three (3) easy-to- change, molded plastic, padded attachments.
  • Allows examiner to select most appropriate coupling interface for measurement of strength or job demand forces.
8. Dual measurement range: 0-300 lb. (0-136.1 kg.) Heavy Range and 0-50 lb. (0-22.6 kg.) Light Range.
  • Heavy Range is more accurate for measuring Medium to Heavy push/pull forces (see 2-wheeler example) and larger muscle groups (see Hip Extension Strength and Arm Lift examples).
  • Light Range 0-50 lb. range is more accurate for measuring light-weight work items (see coffee pot example) and for strength of weaker muscle groups (see Pinch Strength illustration)