Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT, CPE, CDMS has guided development of WorkAbility assessment methods, equipment and reporting software based on the following criteria: reliability, face validity, versatility, complete portability, and affordability.

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2. Total-Body Dexterity Tester

This completely portable manipulation test provides objective measurements of manual dexterity under conditions that require awkward postures common to maintenance or repetitive assembly operations – including postural tolerances such as reaching overhead, stooping, crouching, or kneeling. It evaluates the functional impact of cumulative trauma disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test

The WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test was invented by Rick Wickstrom, PT, DPT, CPE, CDMS to evaluate a subject’s ability to grossly manipulate and move small objects at various distances as fast as possible. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational evaluation, functional capacity evaluation and pre-employment screening are five common applications for the WorkAbility Rate of Manipulation Test.

4. Ergo Totes Set

The Ergo-totes set is durable and highly mobile to support assessment of worker lift/carry capacities and work conditioning activities at clinics or work-sites where space is limited. The Ergo-Totes Set combines features of durability, portability, and space-efficiency to allow physical capacity assessments and conditioning of key work abilities.

5. Ergo-Kit MMT Adjustable Strap

This is an adjustable strap attachment with instructions for use with the Lafayette MMT System. It overcomes limitations with use of hand-held manual muscle testing devices in fitness and therapy applications:

  • Inadequate stabilization to ensure the best reliability during strength measurements.
  • Increased injury risk or undue fatigue to weaker (female) examiners during strength testing of stronger (male) subjects.
  • Increased injury risk to subject’s using the “break” method whereby the examiner applies force to “break” an isometric contraction, because the subject may not have adequate time to react before reaching unacceptable discomfort.



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